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Distributing device
The distributing device is used to pass through a gas firefighting substance in a certain pipeline of automatic system of gas firefighting.

Air control valve
Usually, air control valve goes with a quick exhaust valve. The valve opens with the help of condensed air energy. The valve may be used in controlling equipment of pneumatic car retarders.

Valve with electromagnetic drive (VED)
Valve with electromagnetic drive is a locking device for controlling an operating liquid or gas in pipelines. Operating environments: gases, light-oil products, liquid environments.

Limit switches block (LSB)
The block is intended to signal fixing of the locking bar of the linear crane of main pipelines, the alarm crane and the crane sites of gas distribution stations.

Electromagnetic valve EM-G
Electromagnetic gas pilot 2-position explosionproof valve with a manual doubler, normally closed.

Electromagnetic valve EV-N
The valve is electromagnetic, shut-off, oil, borehole DN32, PN200,HO.

Electromagnetic valve EM-P
Electromagnetic 2-position explosionproof valve with a steam jacket and a manual doubler H3, HO*

Three-position pneumatic valve with an electromagnetic drive
Pneumatic valves are intended to control the stream of the controlling environment through the pipeline in pneumatic controlling systems.

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