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Palichev Mikhail Fedorovich is the director of LLC “POLET”

LLC “POLET” is located a closed town Zarechny in the Penza region. The company was founded in 1992 on the basis of PO “Start” – highly developed machine-building enterprise. The first years of LLC “POLET” were closely connected with PO “Start”.

In 1994 as a result of close cooperation of 3 enterprises: LLC “POLET”, PO “Start” and VNIKTI MPS ROSSII the unified system of diesel locomotive automatics (USTA-4) was designed and produced. For the years of our cooperation thousands of different diesel locomotive automatics products were manufactured and delivered to Russian locomotive repairing plants. Together with PO “Start” we designed and delivered various telemechanics equipment for main-line gas pipes PTC “Gasprom”.

Our Partners

“POLET” today

For the last decade LLC “POLET” managed to create its own manufacturing base. It is modern highly technological enterprise with a park of machining lathes, including NC, and a set of adjacent machine-building technologies. Perfect quality of high-accuracy mechanic details allowed us to become a constant partner of a number of Russian enterprises.

Today LLC “POLET” has modern electric assembly manufacture and we succeeded in developing railway direction. Our designers  worked out new technologies. These are modern systems of automatic control USTA-5, a number of controlling units for electric locomotives BY-199, BY-208, transformer EP-2716, distributors and units for gas firefighting, valves for railway humps.

The macroprocessor controlling and diagnostic system for shunting locomotive TEM7A is being certificated. This system is totally developed by our specialists.

The production of locking armature of our own working-outs is a new and perspective direction:

– distributing devices for gas firefighting;
– electromagnetic explosion-proof valves for oil and gas;
– solenoid high pressure valves for borehole and estuarine equipment;
– pneumatic controlling valves for coach moderators;
– electromagnetic pneumatic distributors;
– units of terminal switches.

Our enterprise is rapidly developing. Soon we open a new building. It will allow to double technological areas (more than 2000 m2). We have a approved programme, which sets the main direction and perspectives of the enterprise’s development.

Today about 150 people work for our company: 2/3 have a high education, the average age is 37 years.

Our company has necessary experience, technologies, specialists and equipment for solving new technical tasks of big state and private companies. That’s why we have perspectives both to enlarge our presence in oil and gas, railway transport, gas firefighting markets and to enter new markets.

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