Railway electronics

Unified System of Diesel Locomotive Automatics (USTA-4, USTA-5)
The system USTA is intended for automatic control over tractive engines of a diesel locomotive under the software in the controlling unit. According to the drivers commands, current state of diesel power-producing unit and clutch of the locomotive wheels with the railway the controlling unit transmits controlling sign

Movement converter
The movement converter is intended to convert the magnitude of movements of the HPFP bar of diesel locomotive engines into a proportional current signal

Voltage and current converter
The voltage and current converter Ep2716 is intended for galvanic division and conversion of primary voltage signal into a proportional current signal for the following processing in controlling circuits and control of electricity transmissions in diesel and electric locomotives

Microprocessor controlling and diagnostic system of diesel locomotives
The system is used in shunting diesel locomotives which are controlled by the multiple-unit system with one or two power plants each. The functions of the system are described further.

Controlling units CU-199, CU-208
Controlling units collect and process data from detectors of analog and discrete signals. They also transmit controlling impulses. The controlling unit in microprocessor controlling system of into-the-inverter converters of the diesel locomotive controls into-the-inverter converters of the diesel locomotive.

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